The Baltic Sea Challenge

We are approaching you on an issue that involves us all: the sustainable development of our one and only Baltic Sea. This initiative comes from a mutual challenge for all organizations to collectively work for a clean and productive shared Baltic Sea. (See more:

We challenge all soroptimist sisters to collectively work toward a better environment for future generations. We believe that the important factor in this work is to personally commit to some basic instructions on how to live more ecologically. This is simple and aims at changing personal choices and informing others. For this aim we have collected a list that you can post on your wall, at home, at work, on your soroptimist websites and social media. This list can be taken into action NOW. This list aims at practical actions that anybody can reach and that is easily understandable for all. You can translate the list to your own home language and share it with other organizations and people.

We believe every step toward a clean Baltic Sea starts from us all and we wish you will take part in our efforts to make a better future.

Click the link to get the list for your own use:

Baltic Challenge_SI Turku